Financial Service Affinity Digital Marketing

Journey’s agile approach offers unprecedented flexibility in “light implementation” of new outbound digital communication strategies.

Journey’s Affinity Digital Marketing Services offer:
  1. Market expertise delivering insightful, innovative affinity marketing strategies
  2. Digital communication tools tailored to imminent needs in the customer “lifecycle”
  3. Real time Dashboards and Cubes measuring marketing efficacy of each unique intervention.
  4. Significant boosts on customer response rates


Affinity Marketing

Journey specialises in recognising patterns and correlations in your customer data in order to profile target leads. Based on your customer profiles we prepare and schedule leads to maximise response rates, optimise marketing efforts and minimise irrelevant communications to your customers, thereby unlocking your customer base’s true potential.

Lifecycle Marketing

Journey has developed core competency in profiling current and historic customer engagements. This, together with “life-cycle” scheduling and “intelligent” content of customer communications, ensures that customer association with your brand and sales take-up is maximised.

Agile Implementation

Journey specialises in the evolution and refinement of affinity and re-marketing strategies. Journeys approach to piloting new projects using current and historic customer data offers agile implementation without impacting your core business processes.

Imminent Need

Journey has mastered the art of communicating to customers at key points in their lifecycle with a product/brand. This ensures that the customer is not “spammed” with irrelevant and trivial communications, but contacted at points of imminent need to maximise response rate.