Customer Profiling and Analytics

Successful digital affinity strategies rely on understanding customer behaviour using predictive and empirical profiling analysis.

Journey’s approach to affinity and lifecycle customer profiling is based on:
  • Identifying previous customer sales engagement outcomes
  • Simple digital marketing pilots to test responses to proposed affinity strategies
  • Using the above tools to establish customers “imminent” needs


Real time

Predictive analytical tools have their limitations in that customer responses to affinity marketing are often counter-intuitive. Therefore real time empirical analysis must be combined with predictive tools to continually refine digital affinity strategies.


The “near” real-time nature of customer responses in Journey’s digital pilots offer early learning essential for profiling and need identification refinement.


Journey’s competence in the combined “art” of predictive and empirical profiling minimises investment in pilot implementation – offering simple fast track implementation of strategic Digital Marketing Strategies.