Customer Retention

Nurture the relationship and build customer loyalty

Let your customers know that you appreciate them – and do this often. Know that these can be simple thank-you’s that tell them they’re important to you.

We live in a digital world, and companies must use the various options that are open to them to engage with their customers. In addition to email marketing, mobile marketing and social media have become powerful multi-channels to stay in touch with customers to ask them questions, get their opinion and get feedback. Of course, it’s important to find out how customers want to be contacted.

Be willing to surprise your customers from time to time by giving them an unexpected upgrade or something extra.
Companies, who focused for years primarily on customer acquisition are now realising that they would be better served if they changed their focus to customer retention. Implementing loyalty marketing strategies and nurturing the relationship will enhance the value you bring to your customers, encourage them to become emotionally attached to you and be your loyal customers. In the case of customer retention vs customer acquisition, customer retention wins every time.

The Art of Customer Loyalty –
Gregory Ciotti

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